Saturday, June 17, 2017

2nd Chemo: Blood Sweat & Tears

Well my second chemo came and went. This time Avastin was added to the chemo-cocktail infusion. A week later the dreaded butt burn crept up. So I guess avastin is the culprit in the old hiney hurt. Going to the bathroom nearly brings on tears, and that happens many times a day. I have to watch myself carefully, as the medicine will make me bleed excessively if I get cut. I wear gloves when I do anything, which isn't much, though. 

Other than that I'm recovering well between infusions. There are 3 days of ball and chain, with massive sweating. Then there are 4 or 5 days of sleeping or wishing I could sleep and wishing I wasn't so sleepy. The next week I slowly recover to my old, fatigued self (but now with lingering rear blowouts). 

I feel better and happier during the times I can get out and piddle around in the yard. The place is on track to what I have wanted it to be over the last 5 years. I finally have it pretty well cleaned up and nice to look at. The cool mornings are a great time to get out there with a cup of coffee and sit on the patio watching the bees and hummingbirds pollinate. 

It's Saturday night. I'll do my usual and put on a movie or some music videos and fall asleep watching them. Until next time-

Fight On!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

1st Chemo: Pump & Crash

I had my first chemo treatment last week for this second time doing infusions. They gave me everything except the Avastin. Once again the Avastin has to be given in the hospital rather than at oncology with the rest of the treatment. Medicare get your act together. You know you're paying more for me to have it at the hospital. Much more.

I got the treatment on Monday; then got the ball and chain pump put on. I went back on Wednesday to have it removed and then crashed for the rest of the week. I got to feeling better on the following Monday.

This time the nausea medicine is given through an injection in the belly rather than in the port. This is because the medicine is a thick slime consistency. It has to be delivered via a very large syringe that reminded me of the professor on Gilligan's Island giving shots to the islanders. As of today there is still a large knot there with a bruise around it, and it hurts like crazy. Here is a photo of my nurse getting ready to give me the injection. ha. It really does seem like this. And she has to push with both hands go get the thick medicine into me. I usually don't wish bad things onto people. But I wish every Tennessee lawmaker who voted against medical marijuana for cancer patients had to have one of these shots every time I do.

Other side effects are the usual:

  • night sweats
  • hiccups real bad for one day
  • sleepy, tired, fatigue
  • rash between legs
  • sore mouth, taste change
  • butt burn
  • enhanced ability to smell 
  • intense body fluid odor
  • inability to get up and do anything for 8 days

The upside is that I am not on oxaliplatin. Side effects I do not have this time are: inability to swallow or touch/eat anything cold. This is a big plus and worth the extra trips to the can. There are more, but we won't go into them at the moment. It brings me so down that I cannot even sit at the computer and type for a full 8 days at a time. This is also tied with the neuropathy I got from the last round of oxaliplatin, which already makes me very tired, low of energy and difficulty in doing things with my hands and feet.

Cancer sucks. But I'm alive and still kicking every chance I get. I appreciate every day I get, because God has blessed me with a wonderful life.

Fight on!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Here We Go Again

So the lung biopsy was a success. The latest one was robot guided. It got a good piece of my lung, leaving 4 scars around my right side. I spent only one night in the hospital with a tube coming out of my side. I have been home for a week still recovering. The pain diminishes a little every few days. At first it was very painful to cough; and now it is only painful to cough.

I got results yesterday. It is colon cancer. This means the stuff that remained in my lungs is not histoplasmosis or a different kind of cancer. I was hoping for histoplasmosis. ha. So the plan is to spend the summer doing the infusions again. I am unable to take oxaliplatin anymore, so it will be replaced with another drug. I will also wear the 5-FU pump for 48 hours after each infusion. I'm getting the house set up for comfort. My next steps are to make a list of needs and plan out my new schedule.

Fight On!

These guys will help me get through it.

Monday, April 17, 2017

April Lung Biopsy

This month I got scheduled for a CT guided lung biopsy. The procedure is done by going down the throat and getting a sample from the inside. This is less invasive and decreases the likelihood of lung collapse.

Unfortunately the tissue obtained was normal lung tissue, so it was a washout. So now I go back to Nashville again today for a consultation for another biopsy that is more invasive. This one will be laproscopic. It will involve a hospital stay and then several weeks of recovery. Apparently they will take a wedge out of my lungs.

Hopefully this one will work and will give me a good report.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 2017

I had an episode for a week earlier this month. It felt a lot like the way I felt in 2012 just before my tumor was discovered. I went for a UTI test and prostate exam. That turned out okay. Then my surgeon had a CT scan done, which also turned out fine. Both she and my oncologist looked at it. My blood tests are also okay. So whatever it was, it lasted 8 days and then slowly went away.

My files have been sent to a pulmonologist in Centennial Medical Center in Nashville. She will look at them and then set a consultation with me to discuss a possible Electromagnetic Guided Bronchoscopy. He hopes that will give us answers to exactly what those lung nodules are.

Another visit from Jeff turned out well. He helped to get a lot of chores taken care of and managed a great campfire in the rain too. It was nice to break in the new fire ring in a big way.

Cher's Fire Ring / Future Flower Bed