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Cycle 3 of Clinical Trials and CT Scan Results

Well the scan results were not so good. The cancer has grown. This is very distressing, but there is nothing we can do about it. The doctor suggested we continue with the treatment and finish out the trial. I don't know what will come after that. For the time being I just continue to go about my life as before.

We went ahead with my third infusion. I was there on a Thursday this time, so that I could have my lung biopsy on Friday. I found out that Thursday is the busiest day. My goodness. The place was full of people in every waiting room and lounge.

My lung biopsy was on Friday. It was not as painful this time as is was before. Maybe she didn't have to go as deep this time or something. The whole trip was exhausting, with a lot of activity. It's good for it to be over and be back home.

My mom and stepdad were with me this time. And it was so cold outside on this trip.

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Cycle 2 of Clinical Trials

Cycle 2 was a little smoother than cycle 1. My portagram showed that my port works fine, so they can use it from now on.

I'm finally learning the routine around the place. I enter the main lobby and sign in. Then get called in to weigh and have vitals. Then sit on a couch in the hallway. After that I get called in for the blood draw and possible EKG tests. At this point I get my port accessed and the blood it taken from that. YES! Then I go to a patient lounge, where I wait on the blood tests to be done. Later a nurse comes in to talk about the blood test results and gather information about any side effects or other concerns. After that I can wait in a larger patient lounge for the drug to be readied. When all is ready I go to the infusion room for the big guns.

Still not many patients there. They said that Friday is the slowest day, with hardly any infusion. There was only one other person there this time. Plus a couple of other people in the lounges. I made some popcorn while I…

Cycle 1 of Clinical Trials

The first infusion went well, but was a very long day. It's difficult getting into a new routine. Even though my port works, they were not allowed to use it due to it not giving a blood return. They require a portagram to confirm the port works okay first. So there were many sticks in my arms also. The infusion was given in my left arm, using a giant syringe. It was given over a one hour period. My right arm was used to draw blood for the drug company along the way. There were lots of blood draws over the weekend.

As usual I felt nothing of the medicine going in. It had no smell or taste and is a clear liquid. There were also no immediate side effects over the weekend. I was able to go about as normal (new normal) in between sessions. Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

It was not crowded at all. There were only a handful of other clients around there. Only two other infusion chairs were being used.

My mother accompanied me on this trip. We were able to work in a visit to Ce…

At the Hotel awaiting first treatment at Sarah Cannon

I'm at the hotel room the night before my first infusion. Today was lots of tests and blood draws and signing papers. I met some people going to a halloween party. One was dressed as nursey nurse!

Screening and Lung Biopsy

My screening and lung biopsy went well. Even though the biopsy is minimally invasive, it still takes days to recover from it. Taking 3 cuts from my lungs is harsh. The worst day was the day after arriving back home.

Okay. So I'm all set. I'm enrolled in the clinical trial. I start treatment next week.

Coming Home

The trip home was way better than the trip out there. For future reference this road map is the way to go when going to Oklahoma. The roads are much better. There are also plenty of towns to visit along the way, including state parks and national forests.

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Drumright & Cushing, Oklahoma

We went to Georges hometown, where he grew up for a day trip. It was a fantastic trip through the Oklahoma country. Drumright was a very small town that seemed to be almost closed down. At Drumright there was a train station with a museum that was fascinating.

Then we went to Cushing and saw the largest oil tank field in the nation. It's miles of big oil tanks spread across the countryside. We ate lunch at Mazzio's pizza before leaving back to Tulsa.

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