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Facebook by the Hospital Bed

I'm not a fan of Facebook. It seems an overwhelming blob of fodder constantly raining down on me. The first few days in the hospital were much the same. I have always had the ability to come out of anesthesia well and seem alert. This is good for me, because I like to be aware of what is going on around me. The down side of that is that it makes me look good. I don't mean pretty. I mean it makes me look as if nothing has been wrong and I feel the top of the world. When that is added to my effort to appear happy and upbeat, I seem to be much better than I actually am.

I love all the people who came to visit me. I would not have changed anything about how much time and effort they all went through to come all the way to Murfreesboro and visit. That is a two hour commute from my hometown. I appreciate so much that so many people care so much about me. It made me feel good to know that, and helped me to recover faster.

My advice to anyone who is going to have a hospital stay afte…


As of October 1st all restrictions have been lifted!

The past 7 weeks since returning home have seemed like a year or two. For the first couple of weeks I was mobile around the house, but not steady on my feet.

Getting back to normal-
This week I have burned my right hand twice and cut my left hand. Getting back to normal is not easy.

Here are some things that really helped during my recovery at home:

hiking stick (for getting around the house and yard)grabber (bending over was just not possible for a few weeks)step stool (for getting into bed, it's a high mattress)chair (a good comfy recliner to lounge in)bed with table (for all the things I needed to have handy at my bedside)toilet seat (for a higher seat for not being able to bend over or to a low toilet)shower seat (having to keep surgery area dry and not being steady on my feet)

good things about being served my food at home already porportioned (lots of work for my sister)

bad and good things about reaching milestones (too mu…