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Trail of Tears Northern Route

This route goes directly through Curtistown. It comes out of the woods right behind the schoolhouse, that burned a few years ago, and then down to the end of Curtistown Road. From there it follows the old roadbed down the mountain below High Rock, then out into Irving College.

This has been a major hiking trail for me throughout the years.

PET Scan Results

I got my results from the PET scan.

The diagnosis is Metastatic Colorectal Cancer that has spread to my lungs, liver and spine. There are 22 spots on my lungs. One spot on my liver. One spot on my spine.

I will have an appointment with the Oncologist next week regarding any further tests and treatment plan.

It's going to be a long, rough road. I feel great knowing I have a fighting chance. That's all I have ever needed to make it back to the top.

Curtis' Second Round of Cancer

I got PET scan information today. It's the return of colon cancer and has spread to my lungs. We are also looking at liver and vertebral area. My next appointment is Thursday, when I will get the low down on the situation.

Remember the Trojans and

Happy St. Patrick's Day

March 2015 Checkup - Not so good

My March 2015 labs showed a rise in my CEA levels.  Now I prepare for more labs and CT scans.