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Pump & Crash Week

It's pump and crash week. Chemo day was another very long day in the chair with all kinds of chemo infusions. I did not get my Avastin infusion this time, as the insurance decided that they will not pay for it at the oncology center. They will pay for it in the hospital. So from now on I will have to go to the hospital for my Avastin unfusion, then over to Oncology for the rest of my chemo. Sometimes I don't understand the insurance issues. That will make my days longer and with more running around and waiting.

This time I got nausea while still in chemo. I also got sleepy. The rest of the day I was down and out, came home and went straight to chair for the evening. Yesterday and today I feel better, but still with nausea. Insurance also denied my Zofran, so I'll have to rely more on the Compazine, which does not work as well. My pump gets disconnected today. The good part is that I don't have to drag that around with me for two more weeks. The down side is that my cr…

Notes for Caregivers, Family & Friends

Things other people do that help me:

During Chemo Days
Drive me to and from doctor appointments. It is sometimes too tiring to drive. When my pump is removed I crash right then and am unable to drive for several days, or even get up out of my chair.Sit with me during chemo to keep me company. Mine can last for 6 hours.During Crash:
Fix meals for me; either by bringing meals over or by fixing them ahead of time and putting them in individual servings for easy access. Actually bringing me food to eat at meal time and sitting or eating with me is most helpful.Offering a movie or some form of entertainment to help occupy my time. Even though I don't feel like laughing or smiling, it helps.Just having someone spend the day with me helps. They know I feel bad. They may do chores for me or just sit and knit, read or watch TV. Loneliness is worse when alone on crash days.During Up Swings:
Offering to do anything fun with me that I feel like I could do. Then realizing that I might get tired ve…

Pre-Crash Update

I get my pump disconnected today. It's a good/bad thing. The good part is that I get rid of the pump and don't have to drag it around again for 2 more weeks. The bad part is that I crash immediately after disconnect. That crash will last the rest of the week at least, maybe longer.

I also woke up with neuropathy side effects in my fingers. They tingle with no movement. They hurt when I touch things, like this keyboard, water glass, door knob, towel and everything else. The mouth thing is also back, making it difficult to drink enough water. I have to sip-sip all day very slowly. It's soups and stuff to eat for the foreseeable future. I also feel the tingling in my toes coming on. Seems like the side effects on this round are going to be a little worse. A new chemo med was added to my cocktail this round. That may be adding to the effects.

I deal with this by looking forward to my next good day, whenever that is. There will be one or two down the road.

Our local Relay for L…

Chemotherapy #2

For the love of mothers
As we got started with the IV tube into my port, I mentioned to my mother 'this looks freaky doesn't it'. In true mother form she replied 'No it looks completely normal'. I started laughing, then she added 'for a robot'.

All in all it was a good day at chemo. Of course having to get chemo is not good, I try to make the best of days when I feel good.

Be Strong, Fear Not
So the first person I met was sitting across from me. She was new (like I was 2 weeks ago) and getting it in her arm. I found out she is fearful of getting a port. So I showed her mine and expressed my same fears. I told her how it was for me and what it looks like when there is no needle in it and how the fear goes away, and the port does not hurt. The nurse there also did a very good education bit with her, showing a port example and all. In the end she was set up with an appointment with a surgeon to talk about it. I hope she decides to get one. She will be glad, as …

Happy May Day

Happy May Day!

I woke up this morning still tired and exhausted. I took two naps before lunch. Finally about 12 noon (48 hours after having pump disconnected) I start to feel a little more alive. I had the rest of the squash soup for breakfast. Later I opened a strawberry Boost. I finally got the feeling of nausea and could not stand the strawberry smell. So after one drink I threw it out. I took a Zofran this morning, but still felt on the brink of sick all day.

At 12:30 my dad came by and asked if I had eaten lunch. I told him no. He said he would bring something back from Rock Island Market, where he was going to eat lunch. He came back around 2:00 with a catfish dinner, fries, slaw and hush puppies. That is one of my favorite meals, so I desperately wanted to make it happen. I warmed it up in the toaster oven and decided to try the slaw in the meantime. I figured it had the least chance of making it down. It had warmed up enough on the way home that I was able to eat it. When the…