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December 2015 Update

It's been a while since I've posted an update to my cancer progress. The road got very bumpy there for a bit. After my 11th round of chemo, I completely lost my ability to do anything for a week. I suddenly woke up one morning unable to lift my arms or legs.  It seems the peripheral neuropathy from the oxaliplatin affected me all at once. For the past few weeks I have been basically learning to walk again and use my hands. It is a very slow process. The doctor said it can take up to two years to get my hands and feet back to normal. And it may never go away.
My latest scan this week showed continued shrinkage of the cancer. I still have numerous (about 20) in my lungs. It will still be a long road before the cancer goes away completely, if it does it all. There is also still an 85% chance that cancer will return in my liver. But I stay positive and keep looking at what is good in life.
I'm still unable to type. I am using this voice transcriber on Google Docs to get my typ…