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Halloween Eggs

My house was egged last night. So was my sister's. I have found 9 eggs at my house. I found another 3 at my sister's house along with an egg carton.

From the way the eggs hit I can tell that they were standing between my beech tree and pine tree in the front yard. There were at least 2 of them. As I live in a trailer, I heard the eggs hit at a faster rate than one person could throw. One was significantly older than the other, with stronger arm. His went further, hit higher and with more force. 
Two landed on my front porch.  Two landed on the side of the house near my bedroom.  One landed on my crape myrtle.  One went through my pine tree and busted up.  Two went through my beech tree and broke up.  One was dropped from where they were standing.
I can't tell much about my sister's house, as it appears one of her dogs spread some of the shells around the yard. But one hit her rhododendron, and two hit by her front door. There may have been more eggs than that at her ho…