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January 2017

Happy New Year!

I had my CT scan. It showed pretty much the same as always. At this point no change is a good thing. There's the same fluctuating of the places in my lungs. My oncologist believes that they are big enough now to get a biopsy of them. An Electro-Magnetic guided biopsy at Vanderbilt could give us the answers about what exactly is in there. This way we can have that issue out of the way if the cancer does come back in my liver. Surgery could only be done after resolving any other cancer in me.

Otherwise my yard is still looking better. That Bradford Pear was finally cut, clearing out the way to starting the patio. The concrete area is bilevel. It has a fence around it's perimeter and one down the center, dividing it into two dog pens the previous owner had. My dad has a bunch of pots and trays in there that have to find a new home. Once those are gone, the fencing can be removed, keeping the poles for a future shade covering.

A 50% increase in greenhouse certifica…