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Cycle 4 Infusion

Cycle 4 was cut and dry. It's kind of routine now. It's sad for cancer treatment to be routine in a person's life, but that's how it goes. It's also made me realize that most of the complaints I hear from other people are trivial and irrelevant. Sometimes I think "try doing that with cancer like I do". It's crazy scary every time, knowing that each infusion I have can kill me on the spot. That's how experimental drugs work, though, and immunotherapy at that.

I was fortunate to have Mason, a wonderful new friend, go with me. On the way home I thanked him again and mentioned that it might have seemed silly to him for me to want someone there for that. He exclaimed that he understood completely, and any normal person would want someone supportive around for that. It sort of validated my fears, coming from a person who is not related to me or hasn't known me for 30 years. I believe that when someone goes to a chemo infusion with a cancer patient, …

Fort Benning, GA

I was able to travel to Fort Benning to watch a great friend graduate from Basic Training. It was a big deal to make this trip to watch all the soldiers graduate. The place is beautiful. The tanks were spectacular. The families and graduates were elated!

Cycle 3 of Clinical Trials and CT Scan Results

Well the scan results were not so good. The cancer has grown. This is very distressing, but there is nothing we can do about it. The doctor suggested we continue with the treatment and finish out the trial. I don't know what will come after that. For the time being I just continue to go about my life as before.

We went ahead with my third infusion. I was there on a Thursday this time, so that I could have my lung biopsy on Friday. I found out that Thursday is the busiest day. My goodness. The place was full of people in every waiting room and lounge.

My lung biopsy was on Friday. It was not as painful this time as is was before. Maybe she didn't have to go as deep this time or something. The whole trip was exhausting, with a lot of activity. It's good for it to be over and be back home.

My mom and stepdad were with me this time. And it was so cold outside on this trip.