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2nd Video Production of James Bess Foundation

Here's the second video of my dream wish fulfillment from the James Bess Foundation.

CT Scan Results and Chemo

Once again the CT scan showed no growth or shrinkage. I'm stable Mable. So it's the same old story. I had lunch at Metro diner with my sister, went grocery shopping and picked up my medicine. Had fun listening to The Guess Who with various people.

CT Scan Results and Chemo Day

Today's CT scan results. I'm stable. No growth is good! I'll take that all day (all lifetime). Today went smooth as silk. I was alone and in a pink t-shirt, so everyone noticed me and kept asking if I need anything. Even people who came with other cancer patients. I'm usually in yellow or green, my favorite colors, so pink was unusual. I don't even like that shirt, but laundry hasn't been done, so I drug it out. Maybe it's a good luck shirt from now on.

Then I met my sister for lunch at Metro Diner. Yum! I had the meatloaf. I'll be going back there for sure.

 Fight On!

Wish Fulfillment by the James Bess Foundation

So the James Bess Foundation and Home Depot fulfilled my dream wish today. There aren't words for how I feel. The crew did my yard, then left the mower, weed eater and leaf blower for me to keep. Wow!

Click here for photos and videos.

Click here to see the mower at Home Depot.

My Yard as of Today

This is what my yard looks like after sitting untouched this season. It has not been mowed or manicured in 2019.

360 Degree Photo of front:

360 Degree Photo of Back:

Infusion #6

I guess I'm in the routine rut again. It's always the same ole' thing now. Drive to Murfreesboro every other week, see the doctor, have chemo, eat at Chuy's and come home. Oh and pick up a change of meds on the way home every now and then. Then there's the chemo stink as it comes out of my body a couple of days later. ha.

This time

I have a fissure on my chest from a rash sore that has busted open and is leaking. So I have to do wound care on it twice daily. My toes have Paronychiaworse than my fingers. Thank God for Chacos.My friend noticed the rash has concentrated around my spine, so I'm doing Zantac and Zyrtic to help with that.I'll be wearing contacts more so the bridge of my nose can heal.My thyroid medicine will be increased again.My eyebrows will do whatever it is they want to do.

Lunch was good.

Infusion #5 and CT Scan

My latest CT scan showed that all my lung nodules shrank by about 1mm since starting the Vectibix. One shrank by 5mm! This is the first time in 4 years to have shrinkage. It's the first time in one year they haven't grown. My doctor was happy to tell it. I was happy to hear it. It's about time. FIGHT ON!

Infusion #4

An old college buddy went with me this time. Everything was about the same. I saw the doctor, had the infusion, went out to eat and came home. ha.

Infusion #3

My friend went with me this time. While there we noticed something wrong with my finger. Turns out I have signs of paronychia. That is another side effect of vectibix. I was given a prescription for an antibiotic to take for a week. After the infusion we went to Chuy's for lunch and came on back home. I had some tough questions this time for the doctors, so it was good to have a supportive friend with me to lean on.

Round 4 Infusion #2

I went alone this time to chemo! Finally had my 2nd infusion of this round. My rash is much better than it was. I think what I have may be considered normal. The itching isn't so bad now either. I went to Chuy's for lunch afterward, then came home and crashed for a while.

Infusion Postponed

The CT scan showed about the same amount of growth as usual. Same old stuff thing as over the past 4 years. And that was growth over a period of weeks with no treatment at all. So it seems to waffle back and forth and grow slowly at about the same rate no matter what.

Today's infusion was postponed for a week because of the rash. The doctor wants to get the rash under control before continuing with treatment. So I'll be doing a steroid pack and changing to a stronger hydrocortisone cream.

This is how I look for the past 4 or 5 days. It's miserable. Itches all over.

The Rash is On!

The dreaded rash started today!

Back to Traditional Chemo Infusion #1

New treatment in Murfreesboro went well. I made it through and felt much better about doing that than going forward with the high risk potential of the clinical trial. Hopefully this drug will help. I'm on vectibix infusion every other week.

This one brings an 89% chance of bad skin rashes and acne. So I had to go to the drugstore and get acne medicine along with a lot of special soaps, lotions, creams and sunscreen. I'm still hyped up on steroids today and feel good. Only had one hot flash last night. I was actually able to lie down in the bed a couple of hours last night for the first time since December. I think the steroids might have alleviated the pain. Not sure. It all I can I figure out. Nothing else has helped. There is a small chance of infusion reaction with the drug, but will only happen during the infusion. Making it through the first infusion of a new drug always makes me feel better.

Fight On!

Photos from last trip to Nashville for final appointment. Also switch…

C6D21 CT Scan

Click here to see photos of Thursday evening in Nashville (including a stop in Murfreesboro to have lunch with my sister at Chuy's). It was a beautiful day in the 70's. So when I checked in at the hotel I was able to take a walk in short sleeves a couple of blocks away to Hurry Back Tavern for a beer. They had the walls open to the outside. It was nice sitting there watching people walking by and walking their dogs. The crowd was friendly, so I was able to socialize a good bit and have a few laughs. I needed that, considering the stress that always happens the day before a CT scan.

The end result from the scan is that all my spots in my lungs are growing. I also have a new one in a lymph node in my pelvis and one in a lymph node on my neck area or something. I've exhausted my traditional chemo options. They don't yet have another study to join, that I meet requirements for, that have space for new patients. So I'm left with no treatment indefinitely until/unless ano…

Don’t ASSume We Can’t End Colorectal Cancer

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and the Colorectal Cancer Alliance is challenging you to avoid assumptions and get more information about colorectal cancer that my help you or a loved one manage this deadly disease. Colorectal cancer – cancer that starts in the colon or rectum – is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in men and women combined in the United States. Approximately 140,000 people are diagnosed and more than 50,000 people die from colon cancer in the U.S. annually. At the same time, colorectal cancer is also the most preventable and treatable type of cancer. The five-year survival rate for colorectal cancer found at the local stage is 90 percent, compared to 14 percent for colorectal cancer found at distant stages. Through research and education about prevention, screening, and treatment, it is possible to end colorectal cancer in our lifetime. Whether you are a patient navigating your diagnosis or car…

Daddy's Funeral Celebration

That was some party! It was the perfect celebration. Lots of food and people and music. Here is a photo of my dad's 3 best friends in the world. They are all from his gas company days. Two of them I have known for most of my life. Taking this photo choked me up some. Thanks to everyone who showed up!
Click here to see photos & videos. Feel free to add your own.

C6D1 Infusion

Infusion was more or less routine this time. The only excitement was the maintenance man fixing one of the TVs. There were some adjustments to meds for my thyroid. Routine is good because it's not stressful. It's also not good, because it's routine.

Obituary for My Dad

Click here to see his online obituary page.

At the age of 82, surrounded by prayers and warm thoughts from relatives and friends far and near, Cleston Curtis passed from this world on February 1, 2019, as a result of a massive stroke. He was born on August 1, 1936, and was a native of Warren County, residing in Rock Island, Tennessee, at the time of his death.
A retired propane gas service technician and well-known nurseryman, he was the son of the late Martin and Myrtle Curtis. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by sister, Icalee Dowell and brothers, Rodean Curtis, Beachel Curtis, and Tony Curtis.
Cleston is survived by a daughter and son, Cheryl Hitchcock and Darryl Curtis of Rock Island, TN. In addition to his children, he is survived by five grandchildren and spouses, Jessica (William) Mooneyham, Jamie (Cleo) Sanders, Nathaniel (Kayla) Hitchcock, Maya Coe, and Joseph Hitchcock; seven great-grandchildren, Brookelyn, Carli, and Milly Hitchcock, Isaiah and Asher Sand…

Cleston Curtis

My dad had a stroke and left us on Friday. It was sudden. He lived at home and drove his Ford Ranger 'till the day he died - just like he wanted. He lived over 80 years, didn't get cancer, didn't suffer, wasn't sick. He will be cremated per his wishes. As we settle back into our routines this week and everybody goes to work or school or wherever, I will continue mine. I will hear his power chair coming through the gravel. I will hear the incessant clicking of his joy stick.I will hear his squeaky pulley in the greenhouse. I will continue to collect his mail in a stack near the door. And when Cher or Rebecca calls I will not be saying "Bout the same. Only time I've used my voice this week is to talk to daddy". I will experience the oneness of being left behind from an intertwined, lifetime relationship. One that transcends father and son. One that almost mimics an old married couple who live in separate bedrooms, yet has become so comfortable and normal t…

C5D1 Infusion and Scan

This is the last infusion infusion as far as the original study plans in the beginning. The CT scan showed "stable". There were some measurements that increased and some that neither grew nor shrank. There was one that shrank some. So over all I feel great about it. The plan is to continue with the treatment on the same 21-day cycle. Because we are going beyond the study labs, I will not have to return in between visits for labs or other tests. Data will still be collected, and I am still in the study. This is the best, most hopeful visit yet in this round of treatment.

The doctor and team agree that we are on a good track, even if the cancer is not eradicated. I can live a higher quality of life without all the side effects of traditional chemotherapy. The cancer is growing slowly enough that I don't have to worry about a time limit coming soon. I now have hope I will see friends and family graduate college, get careers and move into the spot where they start their fami…

C4D8 Labs

My sister went with me for my labs. She had an eye appointment at the same complex, so it worked out well that we could ride together. She had to have a driver. I'm glad I could help. I know from experience it can be difficult to find a driver. People love to offer to help, but when it's crunch time, they have to work or take care of children or whatever. I know this is the reality of it, but I also think that others don't really put out an honest effort to help. Some people seem to only want to help when it involves no inconveniences or sacrifices. Those people missed the point of helping behavior. I'm glad to have some people in my life who are willing to make the sacrifice to help.

I met a woman in the Drug Development Unit who had the same CT guided robotic lung biopsy I had three times. The robot cut a vein in her lungs. She woke up from her biopsy in ICU. This backs up my apprehension to what is considered routine biopsies. They are still surgeries. You never kno…