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Round 4 Infusion #2

I went alone this time to chemo! Finally had my 2nd infusion of this round. My rash is much better than it was. I think what I have may be considered normal. The itching isn't so bad now either. I went to Chuy's for lunch afterward, then came home and crashed for a while.

Infusion Postponed

The CT scan showed about the same amount of growth as usual. Same old stuff thing as over the past 4 years. And that was growth over a period of weeks with no treatment at all. So it seems to waffle back and forth and grow slowly at about the same rate no matter what.

Today's infusion was postponed for a week because of the rash. The doctor wants to get the rash under control before continuing with treatment. So I'll be doing a steroid pack and changing to a stronger hydrocortisone cream.

This is how I look for the past 4 or 5 days. It's miserable. Itches all over.

The Rash is On!

The dreaded rash started today!

Back to Traditional Chemo Infusion #1

New treatment in Murfreesboro went well. I made it through and felt much better about doing that than going forward with the high risk potential of the clinical trial. Hopefully this drug will help. I'm on vectibix infusion every other week.

This one brings an 89% chance of bad skin rashes and acne. So I had to go to the drugstore and get acne medicine along with a lot of special soaps, lotions, creams and sunscreen. I'm still hyped up on steroids today and feel good. Only had one hot flash last night. I was actually able to lie down in the bed a couple of hours last night for the first time since December. I think the steroids might have alleviated the pain. Not sure. It all I can I figure out. Nothing else has helped. There is a small chance of infusion reaction with the drug, but will only happen during the infusion. Making it through the first infusion of a new drug always makes me feel better.

Fight On!

Photos from last trip to Nashville for final appointment. Also switch…